Thursday, 21 May 2009

At last - a new make!

I'm very pleased with how this bracelet has turned out - this is the re-make I'd tried on my loom a few weeks ago, but it just didn't feel and look right.
I used brick-stitch, with 4 colours of 4mm cubes, then with a rope edging using purple size 11s then added a beaded bead for the toggle to go through the gap - this was a little tricky working this but I got there! I'm not convinced however if I've attached the toggle securely to stay through the hole; I may re-think this and try another idea. In the meantime I'd love to hear your comments! Thank you for your time.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I'm so rubbish, me!

Sorry folks for not being about much recently - everything you could possibly imagine is going on, somewhere, somehow, in my life atm, it's crazy. Anyhow just wanted to say I am still here but hovering in the background atm as just so busy. Mostly with my best mate Mrs Giraffe helping her through her trials and tribulations just now; plus waiting for news on the job front. Had an interview last week which I don't think I've got as I would've heard by now; so hoping for news on getting my old job back sooner than planned to help with the flow of dosh (hubby made redundant but starts new job next wk, on less salary unfortunately).

Plus I've been busy sorting enrolment for my girls starting nursery in January (OMG!) plus my son's emergency dental treatment, poor soul. But hopefully it's fixed now and he'll be back to his normal self soon, been suffering with it recently. My hunnie.

Apart from that I'm sitting around twiddling my thumbs with nowt to do ... yeah right! I've got loads of jewellery makes (new and old) that I want to get posted on here and tell you all how I've made it and see what you think; but any time I try to sit down with a cuppa for 5 minutes, either I get jumped on by one of my little darlings, or the phone rings, or something is spilled, or I see (yet another) job I've not yet done ... then I get back to my cold cup of tea ... oh the joys of life!

PLEASE keep your faith in me - that is if you haven't already given up - I WILL post some new stuff on here as soon as I possibly can!!! Thank you all for reading anyway, Jo xxx

Friday, 1 May 2009

Another bracelet

This is a bracelet I made about a year or so ago, using brick stitch and teal/purple size 8 beads, then added some fringing to the edges using size 11s in same colours. The fastening is just a basic press-stud sewn on. I love this, it sits like a snug cuff bracelet, and of course with my two fave colours together! Another work-in-progress bracelet I'm doing now using lilac/lavender 4mm cubes will hopefully end up similar to this style, but with different edging. Watch this space! Please let me know what you think of this piece, and thanks again for your time! Jo x [not for sale]

A new make!

Finally, I've finished one of my many 'work in progress' pieces! Here it is - a jump ring bracelet with a variety of pink and purple beads on each jump ring; and using a silver toggle clasp to fasten it. Very pretty I think, and I shall endeavour to make more of these in different colour schemes to sell. Let me know what you think ... and thanks for your time! Jo x [not for sale]