Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I'm new to this!

Welcome everyone who has kindly chosen to come look at my jewellery blog - thank you for your time!
I've only just started my blog this week and still finding my way around here; and at the moment only have 3 pieces of jewellery for you to look at - but please bear with me as I will endeavour to post something new to see every day!
I've got masses of jewellery already made to show off, but have hit a bit of a mental block just now in terms of designing new pieces, never mind actually sitting down to make them - more to do with my 2yr old twin girls climbing on me even as I type this! Plus it's school holiday just now so I also have my 7yr old son at home to entertain etc etc! They're good kids really and well behaved so I can't complain too much! But why oh why can't SOMEBODY give me an extra day each week - child-free and housework-free of course - to devote to playing with my beads and being creative?! What bliss that would be!
Anyway I appreciate if you've taken the time to look me up and see what I've made here - please visit again to see more of my creations. By the way, most of my jewellery is on sale but I need to set up a PayPal account or something - but please let me know if you're interested in buying anything you see here! I'll comment on each photo to say whether it's for sale or not.
I'm also having great fun finding fellow beaders out there and adding myself as a follower to your blogs, and so far seen some fantastic inspiring work, so thanks to you all as well for giving me food for thought!
Jo xxx

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