Thursday, 23 April 2009

Several projects on the go!

Morning all! Sorry nothing new to post on here yet, I've been busy trying to sort jobs between myself and hubby (redundancy looming) - I'm quietly confident one, or both, of us will get something out of the many jobs applied for.

In terms of jewellery making, atm I'm trying to make several things, but nothing's anywhere near finished to post on here ... firstly there's my loomwork bracelet (in previous post) which I've now undone and re-making using brick stitch. Only a few rows done so far but colour scheme looking good and it's very tactile!

Then there's my necklace using blue size 12 delicas and crystal faceted 6mm beads made into a star shape - lots of these joined together using jump rings. One star made so far - I wanted to be sure I like the colour scheme before I continue ... I may even make a pair of matching earrings.

Last night I started a 'chainmail' bracelet - lots of jump rings linked together, with a small bead threaded onto each one. I'm using different shaped pinks and purples for this one. I've finished the length of it, now just adding more to bulk it out and make it chunky!

Lots more ideas being stored in the brain, but no time to jot them down never mind start making! What I often find easier when dreaming up a new creation is to gather the beads and findings together for a project (I use old cleaned food pots, i.e. couscous or marg tubs, to keep these all in one place) - that way if I run out of time, which is often the case, to actually start making it, at least I've done the choosing process of what I want to use - I find this takes me longer than I anticipate!

Hope everybody else is getting plenty beading time - child-free and no other distractions!!!

Jo x

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AMIdesigns said...

Hello and thanks for your comment on my blog! It certainly takes a lot of time and effort to sell online, even getting time to make something can be hard. I'm looking forward to following your blog and seeing your newest creations.