Thursday, 11 June 2009

8 things

Hi all, the lovely Rachel at (please go have a look at her lovely work) has so very kindly tagged me for this new post! She's asked me to fill out the survey below on '8 things', sounds like a good way to get to know everyone and promote our blogs a bit more! It'd be fab if you can read on to see my '8 things' and then everybody I've tagged give it a go too!!!

The rules:
Mention the person who's tagged you
Fill in the lists of 8 things yourself
Tag 8 bloggers of your choice
Let them know they've been tagged

Here's my lists of 8:

8 things I'm looking forward to:

1. my holiday in 2 weeks time - caravan holiday with my kiddies and parents, down to Kirkcudbright in Dumfriesshire
2. taking some of my jewellery to a newly opened art&craft shop in my town for her to try selling for me
3. my son's school show tonight
4. 6 weeks of not having to get up for school run
5. running my jewellery stall at a busy craft fair in november
6. finding out if a friend of a friend wants me to make her bridal tiara, plus another 5 for her bridesmaids
7. getting my twin daughters toilet-trained and out of nappies
8. my daughters starting nursery in January

8 things I did yesterday:

1. went to matalan for some holiday clothes for my girls
2. spent too much money!
3. had lunch at my mum and dad's house
4. organised jewellery to take to the local shop for sale
5. filled in a job application form online
6. had an MSN chat night with my very special group of babyloss friends
7. had peace from my girls for a bit as my fabby friend Emma wanted to have them
8. laughed at my husband, his brother and sister who played Rockband last night

8 things I wish I could do:

1. get a successful business up and running with my mum, designing and making bridal and special occasion outfits and jewellery
2. win the lottery (helps if I bought a ticket though)
3. be able to afford a 7 seater car
4. find my husband a job that makes him happy
5. get rid of the excema that my daughters suffer from
6. have somebody to do all the diy jobs round the house for free
7. find a prevention for babyloss
8. control the weather

8 things I watch:

1. Lost
2. EastEnders
3. The Apprentice (although finished now)
4. Big Brother
5. Britain's Got Talent (yep that's finished too I know)
6. Masterchef
7. Deadliest Catch (really my hubby who watches this, but I kinda like it too - strange aren't I?!)
8. In The Night Garden (can you see a pattern forming here? I don't get to watch much TV for myself! This one's for my girls, honest, I can't stand it!)

8 people I'm tagging:

1. Emma at
2. Alison at
3. Gill at
4. Steph at
5. Aimee at
6. Jo at
7. Kristin at
8. Ana at

Have fun and keep this going!

Jo xxx


Ana Baird said...

Thanks for sharing Jo. I'll be posting it very soon. Have a lovely weekend!

Jo Hannah said...

Thanks for tagging me in!