Friday, 19 June 2009

Necklace progress part 2!

Here is the finished neck band which I finally completed last night! This goes with the previously posted red/silver pendant which I showed you a pic of last week, or so!
I've made it using tubular netting in crystal and silver/grey size 11s, embellished with a spiral of red size 11s. The middle section where the pendant will be attached, and the ends where the clasp will be, is even-count tubular peyote stitch, using the crystal and silver/grey beads.
I'm now trying to decide what kind of fastening I want to use - I'm thinking of making a beaded bead and loop; watch this space though!
I'm off on holiday a week tomorrow, in my parents' caravan with the family, down to a lovely site on the coast just outside Kirkcudbright in Dumfries & Galloway - will be away for 2 weeks; and thoroughly looking forward to a lovely break, doing some fun stuff and livin' it up all on top of each other - can't wait!!!!

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AMIdesigns said...

That and the pendant look stunning! and look like they have taken hours and hours of work!