Wednesday, 22 July 2009

At last - the finished article!

Here it is at long last! I apologise this pic is a little fuzzy to start with, my photographic skills are not the best and I'm just using my camera phone!
Anyway this is the finished pendant necklace I've been working on for quite some time (I dread to think the hours put into it actually), but I'm extremely pleased with the end result. With the fastening (close-up pic in next post) I decided I wanted it in keeping with the rest of the intricate and detailed beading in the rest of the piece so chose to do a beaded toggle clasp, using the same seeds (crystal and smokey grey) as used in the rest of the necklace. It's a 3D triangular shaped toggle, fastens very well and secure - I've been wearing it since I finished it at 4.30 today, hauling about my 2yr old twins and unpacking the car, and it's shown no signs of feeling like it's about to come undone - so I'm glad I took the time to think about what kind of fastening to go for and the end result; it has added to the quality of the intricate beading I think! Anyway, I hope for those of you who may have been watching for this, it's been worth the wait - I'd appreciate your comments. Thanks for reading! (Oh by the way this piece COULD be up for sale, the price tag has to reflect the hard work and time I've put in, but for the time being I'm going to enjoy it for myself!) Jo x

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