Sunday, 19 July 2009

I've been on holiday!

Hey all my followers, just a quickie to say I've not been around for about 3 weeks, bn on hol for two of those; and the past week since returning home has disappeared and I ain't got much to show for it I'm afraid! I did however get to make a necklace while on holiday, but forgot to photograph it - hopefully I could pinch it back for a pic as it was for my bro's girlfriend's birthday! Plus I made 'half' a necklace last week (pic to follow) 3 strand on black cord and using 4mm cubes strung onto the cord, with a pendant of a beaded square using peyote stitch in the cubes. The pendant is lovely and I kinda like it being strung on the cord, but lost my way after that and can't decide how to finish it. It'll be for sale regardless!


Unknown said...

Hi Jo, hope you had a fab holiday. You have made some really beautiful items, are they all for sale or made to order. Max xx

Jo's Jewels said...

Hi Max, good to hear from you and thanks for following my blog! I've marked the pieces which are for sale, at the bottom of my 'speel' on each item it'll say for sale or not for sale. But if you've anything particular in mind (i.e. to go with an outfit for a special occasion or an image in your head, whatever!), I'd be delighted to take on a commission too! You've got my email address too, feel free to get in contact whatever way's easier for you. How's the family??? Yep fab hol thanks! Jo xxx